Release of Liability

Release of Liability form

The purpose of this Release of Liability form is to ensure that all travelers are fully aware of the risks associated with the tour they have purchased. By signing this Release of Liability Agreement, you affirm and acknowledge that you have been fully informed of the inherent hazards and risks associated with kayaking, biking, hiking, atv drive.*

Furthermore, by choosing to participate in this activity, you agree to release and hold blameless the following parties with respect to any and all injury, illness, disability, death, or loss or damage to person or property: Velebit Activities, its owners, employees and any other service providers paid.

Please read and be certain you understand the implications of acceptance. Fill in the required information accurately and truthfully.

I, _______________________________, acknowledge that tours and trips hosted by Velebit Activities could involve kayaking, biking, hiking, atv drive.*

As a result, kayaking, biking, hiking, atv drive* could be dangerous and involves risk. I understand that participation in kayaking, biking, hiking, atv drive* is done at my own risk and could, due to negligence or otherwise, result in personal injury, injury to others, sickness, permanent disability or death.

I also take full responsibilty for my underage child/children __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

I understand these hazards and risks may result from any number of factors, including but not limited to equipment failure and/or malfunction (whether my own or others‘), negligence (whether my own or others‘), exposure to extreme conditions, elements of nature, or Acts of God.

Being of sound body and mind, I fully understand and accept these risks and freely wish to participate in this activity.



*select one or more activities


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