Quad adventure – Quad safari

Quad safari in Croatia

Quad safari goes through Gacka valley and partly over Velebit mountain and it is one of the best adventures in Croatia. This adventure, beside just driving through all kind of roads ( macadam, field and forest roads, and asphalt) includes even tours of most attractive locations in this region of Croatia. 45 kilometers drive takes 3 hours and includes visits at the airplane musseum, Mthreum altar, spring of Gacka called Majerovo vrilo, Crno jezero, going into mine under Velebit… To be sure that this adventure is pretty amazing you can check comments of our guests.

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Quad safari Hidden Treasures of Gacka

Characteristics: field road, macadam, asphalt


Track 1.

Length: 45 km

Driving time: 3,5h

Details: driving with quads under Velebit mountains (Springs of Gacka, Mithreum altar, airplane musseum…) and through valley of Gacka – passing by the most important monuments and nature atractivities.

Price: 50 euro/quad one person + 30 euro for second person on quad


Track 2.

Length: 22 km

Driving time: 1,5 h

Details: driving with quads through Velebit mountains

Price: aprox. 33 euro/quad +  20 euro for second person on quad


Track 3.

Length: 30km

Driving time: 2 h

Details: driving with quads through valley of Gacka (visit to Mthreum altar, one of springs of Gacka – Majerovo Vrilo, visitng airplane musseum and beautifull ride along river Gacka)

Price: aprox. 66 euro (possibility of driving two persons on quad).


Vehicles: Linhai Yamaha 300, two seats, 4×4, helmets, hoods, travel suitcases

In price included guide on special quad and fuel.

Important: B category needed for driving quad

The drive is at your own risk.